Online PR Company in Lagos Nigeria

Online PR Company in Lagos Nigeria

Brand Cardinal is a foremost online PR company in Lagos Nigeria. We are a Public Relations company (PR Company) that drives the agenda and build movements. At Brand Cardinal, we create bespoke and custom Public Relations and corporate media communication solutions for our clients. We have been known for exceptional Online PR services in and around Lagos Nigeria.

Brand Cardinal is a one-stop Online PR agency in Lagos Nigeria. As a leading Public Relations Agency in Nigeria, we are a team of young, brilliant, resourceful and talented experts who let our imagination run wild in delivering unconquerable results for our clients. We are a Digital and Media company in Lagos Nigeria that engages 21st-century innovations to improve the digital life of individuals, brands, companies and organizations through its services which cut across all sphere of business. We assist businesses and organizations innovate and increase sales through strategy-led branding, design and marketing.

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We provide irrepressible, speedy transformation in the communication sector, time and space independency rationalized the need in public relations. As online media is on the approach to become the major communication route, media outlets, digital marketers like our company have to keep up with this change by focusing on social media marketing, online PR and SEO, Email Marketing, Branding etc.

When it comes to PR which is also called Public Relations, people often want to know the difference between online PR and traditional PR. The truth be told, there isn’t much difference. Online PR or Digital PR as may also be called simply involves activities channelled towards influencing media, communities and audiences using your online channels rather than through traditional printed media. As such, it has been proved and the result has shown that Online PR is more effective and result-oriented because many of the targeted audience are on one digital platform or the other.

Online PR tend to achieve the following

  • Brand awareness
  • Traffic to a company’s site
  • Improved rankings in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)
  • Organic search (SEO) success

A well-crafted PR content will help to ensure online brand awareness, leading to market share gain, lead generation and in due course customer acquisition. Brand Cardinal leads with its Online PR service arm with improved business contents. Online PR which is the key for businesses to achieve online brand development, online visibility and online brand community development. It also serves as the perfect online reputation management tool. We are known for not having flawless strategy and implementation as it is paramount in online PR. The strategy professionals at Brand Cardinal and our online PR services guarantee that your brand is delivered to a promised audience at all times and that the audience takes action on your brand message to them at all time. That is because creating and managing online PR campaigns is what we do best and flawlessly.

Things to Consider in Online PR

  • The business should make sure they engage the service of PR professionals to undertake their press release development, writing, distribution, follow-up and reporting stages for products and services.
  • Because it is a very crucial aspect of the business, business owners should give priority to the impact of search engines and social media in order to increase brand awareness. Press releases should be optimized with SEO rules and supported by social media when it is delivered to the target audience.
  • Media house making the press release should be credible and be that with wide coverage so as to get it distributed well and also trace the media reach in order to get feedback from the target audience.
  • We advise PR media should be selected according to the brand, target audience and brand message in terms of their image and reputation which they are putting across. Coverage quality should be prioritized instead of the number of coverage.

Why Online PR Services?

We recommend Online PR services to you because it has the ability to aid and assist your brand for greater improvement. Here are what you stand to gain from our Online PR Services.

  • Get full PR services with no need to panic whether it will work.
  • Get supreme service that has a budget which is cost-effective.
  • With Online PR Services, you reach your target audience in more than 30 countries.
  • Online PR services help utilize the power of news agencies in press release distribution.
  • Online PR Service from us furnishes you with daily, weekly and monthly reports which are advanced and detailed because we support them with tables and graphs.

Why you should use our online PR Services

Economical Solution

As a leading Online PR Company, we can provide all the PR services you will be needing because we work both globally and as traditional PR agencies with a “pay as you go” pricing structure that eliminates monthly retainers.

Powerful Distribution Network

Press releases are serviced to lists of viable and vibrant journalists and later segmented according to their interests as well as through well-established news agencies in the targeted city, state or region.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is at its peak because when it comes to digital PR services. Nationwide press release distribution also enables you to reach your target audience, investors and prospective customer.

Strong Content

We roll out strong content of press release. We do this with the help of our team of experts with knowledge about the targeted countries’ local dynamics and by considering newsworthiness.

Localization Capabilities

We communicate with your targeted audience in every language they want or understand putting into consideration their custom and norms. We got you covered because Brand Cardinal online PR agency creates contents in the language of the people you are targeting.

Detailed Reporting

At Brand Cardinal, we don’t joke with the report as we provide detailed and comprehensive weekly and monthly reports following distribution of the press release so that you can measure its impact and note any meaning changes or improvement to be done.

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Our Online PR Service offerings include

News Reporting Service

News Bureau

Why not engage our PR firm to earn you positive brand image through coverage for your company, its products/services, leaders, opinions, ideas, and innovations. This will eventually build your brand reputation by increasing visibility, trust, and loyalty among target industry contacts and customers.

Key Note

Pitching and booking speaking engagements is another service we are keen to deliver to your company with a master touch as we influence and engage your company’s most important audiences, you have to get in front of them.

Podcast Media

Making your product, brand name and company surface on the podcast to generate leads and new customers is another way our PR Company empowers companies who engage us for podcasting. Podcast interviews help your company build trust into your company leader as the targeted audience are also watching.

Award Ability

Award entry writing and submissions for Winning awards is also a service we render because winning awards will improve company morale, bring more attention to the company from targeted audience and raises your brand credibility and visibility. You should contact our PR services section now to do the needful. We’ll find and apply for industry awards that will make your company shine.

Crisis Point

Every company needs Crisis communications management as they tend to face a crisis at one point or another. Not having a crisis communications plan in place may perhaps indicate a problem in your company. When a crisis is handled properly, you cut down cost and even curb the problem it tends to bring along. It also helps build deeper trust with customers and the community.


Media Master

It is either you engage us as media spoke person or have us train and qualify some of your staff to be eligible and bold enough to talk and represent you as media spoke person. Having a spokesperson is a key part of media relations because it let you know how to work with the media even more effectively.


Knowing that thought-leadership PR program is how we can make your company stand out among peers as it is not just pitching to the media. The great insight will position company representatives as thought-leaders which will later bring more interest in you and your brand.

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Social media services

Reputation Restoration

Online reputation management is available for your company’s brand as your brand first impression matters. Our PR firm manages your online image, cleaning up any negativity and putting your best for people to see especially when it is buying decision time.

Review Master

We give you our team to help maintain that positive reviews for your company as it drives customers’ perspective of your company and brand. Every negative review drives them away and costs you money so we avoid and abstain from what may bring such.

Social Network

Social media publishing and community engagement are important because research and study have shown that out of all the internet users in the world, a whopping 74% are active and live on social media. This makes it an extremely effective tool for reaching most audiences. Our PR agency can manage your social media profiles and efficiently engage your target audiences.

Influencer Insights

We conduct genuine influencer marketing program for your brand and we make sure online shoppers find your brand and product more credible as the brand with the help of influencer will earn their trust.

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Web services

Web Design & Development

Modern, content-focused, mobile-friendly website design is what your company product and brand is in need of in your competitive space. At Brand Cardinal, we have seasoned and dedicated webmasters who are ready to craft a top-notch website for your company.

Growth-Driven Development

Creating a website that grows with your customers in the modern era is what works as your website too must be responsive to be able to capture more people. Your website must focus on what customers want and adapt to their ever-changing needs bearing in mind technology changes too.


Lead-attracting content marketing is what our inbound services are about. Inbound is a web marketing methodology that is education-based rather than interruption-based. Its focus is on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain the audience.


Maintain your company’s blog and increase your company’s SEO ranking with our blogging service. We generate creative and industry-focused articles for you because it is our understanding that it will help increase traffic to your website.

Other services companies engage us on are

  • Content research and creation
  • Influencer identification and relationship building
  • Online press and media relations
  • Community management
  • Event Management
  • Online reputation management

Let’s deliver your Online PR projects needs today as Lagos Online PR Company. To learn more about how we can help you with your Online PR projects, please contact us on 08023200801, 08075765799 or Email: or send your brief here.

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