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Native ads from Brand Cardinal tends to unlock the secrets behind Native Advertising when you engage us. At Brand Cardinal, Native Ads solutions and services has never remain the same with our expert topnotch skills in advertising. It is always a way content publishers, brands, and agencies showcase their online media without disturbing the user experience. It is a platform which help place more attentions on the growth of native advertisements on mobiles, PCs, and tablets.

Native Ads from Brand Cardinal will offer our customers with customizable widgets and analytics for their advertising campaigns. Native ad platforms give to it users solutions which enable them as an advertiser to place ads within digital media environments whereby the ad is styled in a similar way to read and tone with the core content on the page, or which is creatively understanding to the page design. There are a range of excellent Native Ads providers in this country and it is really worth exploring the different options available based on the slated objectives. Also, due to the simpler creative assets required, many native ad providers have self-service options they make available when customers willing to subscribe to their services approach them. At Brand Cardinal we can offer you access to native marketing techniques you simply won’t get anywhere else. As a Native Ads services provider who understands how ads works on all digital platforms, our native advertising agency is awarded access to lots of beta advertising products which mean you can target your content in ever more innovative ways when you engage our company to work on your Native Ads.

At Brand Cardinal we built the exact native ads platform we wanted and we are proud to let you know it was able to drive about 32% more ad revenue. We assure these when we are your preferred Native Ads Company:

UX will remain the same

Server-side integration is what helps you in getting native ads that mimic exactly just like organic content. These can be carousel ads, skin takeovers, sponsored posts, promoted listings, and so on.

First-party data targeting

We assure our ads client of incorporate proprietary first-party data or target by intent/search to drive high rate of Native ad and user-first ad experiences. We also boost of helping them get instant access to a first-party DMP.

No need to restructure the wheel

Your core business isn’t ad serving so won’t advise you to spend millions of Naira and several months in building an ad server from scratch? Call on Brand Cardinal to build what you want without wasting time.

Native Ads Services Nigeria

Our skills

Our team at Brand Cardinal have a immense and diverse knowledge/experience of ad servers and SSP’s such as DFP/DCM/Ad Exchange by Google, ADITION, Yieldlab, AOL One / ADTECH, Google Adwords, Microsoft AdExpert, Smart AdServer and many more. There is no substitute for experience, especially in the ad operations business as it will determine how well the ads will be placed. Our working knowledge also expands across the rich media vendors such as Mov.Ad, Sizmek and AOL One / Pictela. You won’t regret contacting us for your Native ads as we are well granded and skilled to take your ads to your real targeted market.


Why Native Ads?

Get New Customers

Native Advertising is best for products targeted at a broad audience. If your audience is large enough and your product meets their expectations, you can expect to get a lot of new customers with high buying intention.

Improve Sales

With Native Advertising, you can target people who are actively looking to buy products you produce or market in Nigeria and even beyond. Native ads is capable of getting you any types of audience target. Native Ads has proven to be the best for getting a lot of new visitors and sales.

Reach New Audiences

Native ads make use of Rontar advertising suite which runs a network of hand-picked high-quality websites that you won’t find in other major ad networks. By running native ads with us you will reach people you wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere.


How Does Native Advertising Work?

  1. Choose your audience

You have the option to the target market based on their demographic, geo-location, interests, data and time. You can also choose to target only customers looking to buy products in your chosen industry or area of specialty as they are audience who has the most purchase intent.

  1. Start seeing your ads through native placements

Native ads looks much like the rest of the content on the website which is why our content experts and ads managers collaborate to give the best. Visitors are more likely to click native ads than they would on a banner ads. It also result in a much lower cost per click for native ads.

  1. Begin to get visitors to your website

Immediately we get your native ads on, your ads will be up and running which means you will start getting visitors to your website. When the audience on target has been chosen thoughtfully, you will start seeing people ordering or calling for quote from you in no time.


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Why Brand Cardinal?

MORE RAPID IMPROVEMENT – We guarantee our clients who consult us for Native Ads a 24 hours change which yields them regular turn around requests in less than 2 days and that they will have a dedicated, local trafficker for each request. We give that master professional touch to your native ads.

Brand Cardinal Native Ads will combine your ideas and enthusiasm with our knowledge and expertise without exception offer a bespoke service with full flexibility on terms and provide our personal service to large and small companies alike. We take our time to know and understand your business, so that we can help you to increase effectiveness, efficiency, performance and profitability of Native Ads.


What We Do

Help you set clear goals

It is our belief and understanding that every marketing campaign should start with clearly defined goals. We know you have set your long term objectives, it is also crucial to set SMART goals which are very clear and related to your course of business and your targeted audience.

Develop a roadmap

Masterly crafted strategy is a cornerstone of a successful native advertising campaign.

That is why before we launch your Native Ads campaign, we’ll develop a set of action plan on how we’re going to achieve your business goals. For greater transparency, we’ll guide you through this roadmap.

Identify your target audience

Over the years in digital marketing, getting the most relevant people with campaign content is tough, that is why it is important that the real work is given to capable hands who will identify your target audience first. Understanding their demographics, interests, and the buyer’s journey, before creating campaigns that resonate with your prospects.

Develop campaigns

When your goals and target audience are defined, we can move on to developing high-performing ads campaigns for you based on the prospects’ criteria earlier noted. We will prepare all the resources for your native ads and landing pages. We put up creative and quality content which will form an effective native advertising campaign that will entice your audience to take the desired action.

Choose the right ad platform(s)

As a result of our resolution to giving the very best possible result for your native ads, our native advertising agency’s experts have extensive experience in running campaigns which is why we can guarantee you will get nothing but the best out of our ads campaign. We have expertise who works proficiently on Taboola, Outbrain, and other content distribution platforms. You can be sure we consider all the factors and choose to operate on the most relevant native advertising platform for you.

Set up tracking

At Brand Cardinal we don’t limit our service to setting up the native ads alone but we build a successful campaign, as it’s crucial to keep measuring its performance and testing potentially effective variables. Just before launching a campaign, we set KPIs that indicate its effectiveness. After the launch, we set up tracking to ensure the campaign meets its goals.

Ensure ongoing optimization

An effective native advertising campaign isn’t built in one day but based on regular optimization. We know that if your campaigns must deliver the very best results, we keep optimizing them based on the performance data addressing the issues arising.

Reporting & transparency

We embrace transparency while leveraging our own native advertising reporting and optimization platform, we give you access to highly informative reports as agreed. Our custom-built reports and charts help you stay informed of campaign performance and fully understand how native advertising contributes to achieving your business goals.

please contact us on 08023200801, 08075765799 or Email: or send your brief here.

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