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Google Analytics Consulting Service Company Lagos Nigeria

Brand Cardinal is a company based in Lagos Nigeria that provides Google Analytics Consulting Services to businesses. We offer first-class Google Analytics Services to discerning clients who want matchless results for their Digital Marketing efforts. Google Analytics is seen to be one of the best tools for trailing all components of your website.

Google Analytics can provide for you the all-inclusive data necessary to make well-informed decisions. When you consider Brand Cardinal as your Google Analytics consultant, we put your unique business goals into consideration which will enable us to configure your account, provide easy access to performance data, and build confidence in your marketing decisions. If you’re going to invest resources in analytics, you want assurance that it will produce the information you are in need of for marketing decisions.

Google Analytics Services

Brand Cardinal is a Google Analytics consulting Services Company that is well-informed and abreast with the industry knowledge, our consulting services recommend you on how to successfully use Google Analytics to follow your site’s concert and recognize areas for improvement in requisites of marketing strategies or service levels. We direct clients in constituting, investigating and construing data acquired during advanced Analytics. From start to end, we help clients make more efficient targets and accomplish slated purposes.

Not forgetting the fact that Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools at every business owners disposal when marketing online as it helps their online presence especially their website and searches result. Brand Cardinal can help you identify and act on the data that really matters to you and your business. Our experienced Google Analytics can you’re your task from strategy through implementation and beyond, teaching you how to pull a report, and making recommendations for configurations that would benefit your business. We are always delighted to share ideas that will keep you engaged and exalted in your chosen industry.

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Google Analytics consulting can lead to endorsements for add-on tools that will expand your knowledge of customer behaviour, so you can respond with actions that pay off and provides customer experience. Whether you’re a small business owner or you run a large enterprise-level company, Google Analytics data can provide insight into your online marketing initiatives. In order to effectively gain extensive industry knowledge on how to best interpret your website data, you need a Google Analytics consulting firm like Brand Cardinal to help you make the most informed decisions.

Brand Cardinal can:

  • Look into aspects that you put mind off most time and deliver insightful Google Analytics reports and provide actionable recommendations to better take advantage of your existing traffic and expand visitor.
  • Sieve through large segments of data to deliver business-critical insights beyond statistics
  • Made available to you a high ranking Google Analytics support, assuring added value and data insight for the website.

Why you should choose Brand Cardinal as Google Analytics Company?

  • Google Marketing Platform experts with creative mindsets
  • Certified Google Analytics staff to work on your project
  • Several years of delivering exceptional digital marketing transformation
  • We recognize the true value of Data as a major way to derive information to drive decision making
  • Worldwide operations to support regional businesses
  • Industry experience and expertise will be brought to play when working for you

Our methodology


Our proven strategy around Google Analytics Services engagement is starting with a comprehensive Google Analytics Audit to ensure the integrity and accuracy of your implementation, and conduct research and discovery to design a new implementation that gathers the data relevant to your business.


The next thing to do on our to-do-list is creating bits and pieces of code for your website, as well as setting the parameters for the custom dimensions and metrics that were suggested during the first step which is the strategy phase.


The fourth step is the optimization and we do this by creating a continuous process of data analysis and providing insights that lead to action. We study the results time-to-time as a way to make sure the metrics are still relevant to your goals, and data is clean.


Our Google Analytics consultants deem it fit to empower some of your employee who has basic knowledge of coding by providing them with ongoing training so they can be empowered to guide your sustained success while tackling little issues when they arise.

Why Google analytics?


To start to require little amount as you blend with Google AdWords track goals, conversions from organic, paid traffic and scale to Premium Google Analytics 360 as the demand for it increases.

Attribution Modelling

There is an attribute to the most performing channels with a data-driven approach using attribution modelling on both converting and non-converting user journeys when using Google Analytics.

Extended Ecosystem

Extended Ecosystem is another reason to consider Google Analytics as it is well supported by many leading marketing, advertising and analytics platforms to integrate and exchange data easily.

Micro Insights

Google Analytics shares micro insight by allowing you gain access to granulated level information on audience segmentation, content consumption, goal conversions and cart abandonment

Massive Scalability

Manage as many as digital properties such as Websites, Mobile apps and track granular audience behavioural insights across the customer journey

Google Data Studio

You can build powerful data visualization of your web and mobile app analytics when you decide to custom data from 3rd party data sources and share across the organization.

Extendable Widgets

Google Analytics Dashboards are well customized to allows users to add multiple real-time widgets and customize deeper to get real-time web analytics and mobile analytics data

Friendly User Interface

You can operate and work on Google Analytics with little or no tech knowledge. You will be able to track every meaningful interaction of customers on digital properties and effectively drive retargeting efforts.

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Brand Cardinal is a top Google Analytics Service Consulting Firm based in Nigeria

Our Google Analytics offerings

Data Visualization

Data visualization helps you to measure your performance in contrast to the goals and objectives set ahead.

Digital Analytics

With our Digital analytics, we track, analyze, and improve online experiences to gain a competitive edge with Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics and other tools.

Marketing Analytics

Evaluating the success of your marketing initiatives to maximize your return on investment is what marketing analysis will do for you.

Testing & Personalization

We believe testing and personalization will help improve and brand the user experience to increase conversions and ROI.

Business Analytics

Our service business analytic will answer prominent business questions to bring about better outcomes and growth.

Data Management

Data management bring about gaining control of your data which leads to improvements in data accuracy and business value.

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Merge your client’s information as a way to better understand your customers and communicate with them in a more personalized way.

Analytics Audits

With our analytic audit, we ensure data is precise, reliable and constant because this will make you gain meaningful insights for good decision and action.

Google Analytics Health check

Most Google Analytics accounts are poorly set up, most times they fail to track key data points or encroach upon privacy legislation by tracking Personally Identifiable Information. You receive an easy-to-understand report that uses a simple, green-yellow-red “traffic light” system to show you what’s set up correctly, what isn’t, and what fixes to prioritise.

Ongoing Analytics Support

We are boastful of getting you a seasoned analyst to work with. We understand you don’t always have quite enough work to justify a full-time hire, we can work with you based on contract or engage us to train some of your staff.

One-off Analytics Projects

You may have recently launched a website that later suffered a sudden dip in conversion, and you can’t get to the bottom of what has happened. In that case, you need to engage a Google analytics consultant that has what it takes to deliver what you need exactly.

Enhanced Ecommerce

When your website is correctly installed, Google’s Enhanced Ecommerce reports and insight go far beyond standard e-commerce tracking. You’ll learn about every action your customer takes leading up to the point of purchase.

Google Analytics audit services

Are you in need of Google Analytics account audit? At Brand Cardinal, we have the ability to provide a comprehensive Google Analytics audit to make sure there are no blunders or gaps in the data collection process.

Google Analytics account setup

We are good at what we do as we assist you with the appropriate setup and carrying out of a new or current Google Analytics account. We undertake the job and deliver to you analytics that works.

Google Analytics consulting services

Even with a good Google analytics in place, you will need help getting your analytics to do more for your website and company product? We are certain our Google Analytics experts can consult with you to determine your data goals, interpret your existing data, and vouch for solutions to combine data across multiple websites.

Website Optimization

We drive a greater volume of higher quality website leads to great productivity and improved turnover. Brand Cardinal has all it takes to perform excellent website optimization. So you should get in contact with us.

Dashboards, Reporting, & Insights

When we are engaged as Google Analytics, our company experts will provide you with Dashboards, Reporting, & Insights which will give you access to your data all the time.

Other Google Analytics Services you can contact us for are:

  • Google Analytics tracking set up on new websites
  • Setup of customized goals and events
  • Integration with social media, ex. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
  • Segmentation of audiences
  • Setup of custom monthly reports delivered via email
  • Setup of custom notifications and alerts
  • Setup and analysis of conversion or transaction funnels
  • Visitor loyalty reporting
  • Visitor bounce rate reporting
  • Insights on user location, or geo-profiling
  • Site optimization intelligence reports

Let’s deliver your Google Analytics Service needs today as Lagos Google Analytics Company. To learn more about how we can help you with your Google Analytics projects, please contact us on 08023200801, 08075765799 or Email: You can also fill the contact form below

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