Content Marketing Company in Lagos Nigeria

Content Marketing Company in Lagos Nigeria

Brand cardinal is a content marketing company in Lagos Nigeria. We provide content marketing services to business in Nigeria and beyond. Through our service offerings, we have helped our clients solve complex content marketing problems faced by their brands in the digital space.

Content marketing is the underpinning of any valuable social media, SEO, keyword and digital marketing strategy, and we enjoy talking about how it all works together. With Brand Cardinal as your content marketing services partner, you should expect bespoke contents that meet search engine optimization standards. We guarantee our clients that we will provide a results-driven content strategy that connects their brand to its audience within the technical possibilities of their marketing channels.

We are a Top Content Marketing Company in Lagos Nigeria

Our content strategy services help your business to plan, create, organize, publish, amplify, measure, and govern your web content across multiple channels to which it appears. From blog posts and landing pages to press releases and SEO, we will write, build, design and develop your content marketing strategy from start to finish.

We have content marketing retainers that tie them all together under an easy-to-understand, holistic content marketing strategy. Content strategy is entangled into every step of our web design projects, mostly the initial research and data analysis. For your website to perform well, it needs to satisfy certain goals. Identifying your content-needs early on and building a solid strategy is the key to selling a brand website.

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What We Offer

Brand Cardinal offers Content Marketing solution to companies in Nigeria. Our team of content marketing experts work with you to understand your company’s goals, your target audience, and help you identify what it is that sets you apart from others in your space. We work with a documented strategy to ensure our organization remain aligned and that we create content that effectively accomplishes your goals.

Reasons to choose Brand Cardinal as your preferred Content Marketing service provider in Lagos Nigeria

Our Company Approach

At Brand Cardinal, we have a unique business model which makes us give that outstanding service delivery. Brand Cardinal effectively and seamlessly engage with your company as if we were an extension of your staff.

We are an exceptional team

Our team is made up of experts that present a balanced mix of agency and enterprise experience with their diverse backgrounds knowledge, including large agency public relations, social media etc.

We understand how you work

The need to deliver an exceptional return on your investment is what we work with. We can work effectively with marketing and sales staff and integrate seamlessly into your distinctive company culture.

We take a one-to-one approach

Our great idea and industry knowledge foster the result we deliver as we tend to not use the same approach every time.

What goes into our strategy?

We research on your target audience

We perform competitor analysis

Conducting of SEO audit

We do publication research

Voice and tone analysis

An audit of your existing content will be done to give an insight into what can be done

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We would help you achieve the following and many more

Raise your content standard above competitors and best practices.

Comprehend audience needs to update your content strategy.

Construct a fundamental strategy statement to guide decision making.

Create a content strategy roadmap for future engagement.

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Our content marketing service process

The process of our content strategy starts with detailed research on your company’s mission, vision, and target audience, this enables us to recognize and construct user personas, user stories, and journey maps.

We have in our team content strategists who are experts that perform a complete content audit to examine your website’s existing content.

We perform each step of this process carefully as a way to contribute to creating a well and sound content creation plan.

Our content marketing plan

Content strategy

Strategic content is one of the most requested services we offer, and it begins with a thorough analysis of content and business and user goals, followed by the development of a plan that follows through to publication and beyond.

User experience

Our user experience process is done to assist the client to understand their product and brand perception by the people/customers. 

Content audit

Our content strategists and developers will work with you to perform detailed audits on your existing content by using your website’s existing URL structure to map legacy content. 

Content gap analysis

Conducting a content gap analysis helps by providing valuable insight into your competitor’s content. 

Keyword research

Keyword research is a way to identify popular search terms and phrases in an attempt to figure out which keywords will help increase your visitor and lead generation. 

Content creation plan

A content creation plan gives your content a purpose. Our content strategists help you identify your target audiences and a variety of content types and channels that will help you deliver content to them. An effective content creation plan ensures that your content is distributed through the proper channel to reach your target audiences.

CMS selection and design

Has your content got too large for your technology, resulting in ineffectiveness, time-consuming content creation and publishing workflows? We can support you to define requirements, choose a technology, plan and manage the migration of content into the new system


Taxonomy is the classification and organization of content on your site. This is important and should be done well as this enhance the browsing experience on your company website.

Strategic Content’s taxonomists have deep expertise in developing taxonomies for large content.

Search Engine Optimization Content Strategy

The best SEO begins with great content. Our search engine optimization is fixated about making content known by understanding how your customers are searching and what content they need to see or interact with. 

Content creation

Our experienced content creators who have been on the field working for different clients for long will assist you in crafting that unique content to earn you the required lead generation. Not minding which platform you will be needing the content, we are here to deliver.

Content promotion

We can help promote your content online in the places that matter most to capture your targeted audience.

Content reporting

Every month, we can send in a comprehensive report of your content giving you details that shows the performance (and returns) of your content to your bottom line.

Our content analysis and strategy services are:

Content Inventories

Persona Research and Development

Competitive Gap Analysis

Brand Voice Guidelines

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Our technical content services are:

Information Architecture

Taxonomy Development

Navigational Elements

Sitemap Construction

Content Approval Process

Template Development

Measurement Plan Tracking

Content Markup with Schema

Other Content Marketing Services are:

Mobile Content Strategy

CMS Field Recommendations

Dynamic Content Optimization

Location Templates

Content Syndication Best Practices

News Visibility

Journal Visibility

Competitive Industry Differentiation

Ecommerce Content Strategy

Blog Content Strategy

Sales Enablement Strategy

YouTube Content Strategy

Social Media Content Strategy

Content Creation & Content Marketing Services

Email marketing

Blog content

Social media campaigns


Video production

Website content

We support our clients with content creation and marketing. Where the contents are technical and we don’t have in-house resources, we engage content writers guiding them to deliver the right contents that support your content strategy.

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Search Engine Optimization

Creation of contents that reverse-engineer the competition

We deliver contents that draw from your target audience

At brand cardinal, we share content strategy road map with you for tomorrow

We diagnose the problem with content and quality

Get management involvement in the content creation process.

Carry key stakeholders along in the content strategy execution.

Some of our clients



Let’s deliver your Content Marketing Strategy needs today as we are a top Content Marketing Company in Lagos Nigeria.

To learn more about how we can help you with Content Creation and Marketing projects, please contact us on 08023200801, 08075765799 or Email: You can also send your brief here.

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