Digital Marketing Company in Lagos Nigeria

Digital Marketing Company in Lagos Nigeria

Brand Cardinal is a top Digital Marketing Company in Lagos Nigeria. We remain the most versatile and reliable digital marketing company in Lagos Nigeria. We advise on proven strategies to grow your business, new techniques and help increase your ROI. As customers increasingly turn online, digital marketing needs to fully integrate with a company’s business strategy and marketing plan. This is where a digital marketing consultant from Brand Cardinal can assist.

Our digital marketing agency expertise cuts across strategy and plan development, to website design and development, search engine marketing (both SEO and pay-per-click) and customer conversion. A marketing consultancy agency who is ready to help identify the right strategy for you and assist you to deploy and measure the activities to deliver it, all in one place.

If you desire to have onboard a genius digital marketing company with hands-on experience, then take advantage of the rare privilege to work directly with us at Brand Cardinal. We’ll help you make more money from your online marketing targeted audience.

We offer a full range of marketing consulting services and marketing agency support both online and offline.

We stand to always remain relevant and useful be it that you have an in-house marketing expert or you are on the look-out for a digital marketing consultant for your B2B, SaaS, software, startup, IT, or Technology company, we are available to you accelerate growth with results-oriented digital marketing campaigns. As a marketing consultant, we will work with you as an extension or addition to your team to create and optimize your marketing and sales funnels, drive more sales qualified leads, and increase your revenue.

We can achieve the following:

  • Fast-track your company’s sales and ROI growth
  • Obtain more serious business clients
  • Advancement of Inbound and Outbound Marketing
  • Programme your marketing and lead generation to brace sales.


We strive to attain the apex leadership level in digital marketing services in Nigeria by modernizing the industry and setting new standards of professionalism and success.

Our vision is to become a top digital marketing consultancy agency offering online marketing strategies, digital sales solutions, and internet brand management in Nigeria business sphere.


We see the rate at which the internet market is growing, the development of Internet marketing companies both locally and globally has also increased. Brand Cardinal’s Mission is to improve the dynamics of digital innovation that balances economic performance and human development. Our team will work across the board to create unique value with the aid of technology, business, arts and social change we will make sure that no client gets dissatisfied with our service as we leave no stone unturned.


We have a common set of values as the core basis for our brand.

  • Energetic Service Delivery
  • Team Work
  • Honesty
  • In-depth Analysis
  • Content oriented
  • Support

Why we are your preferred digital marketing company in Lagos Nigeria

Our professional brand digital marketing experts are of IT and web development background coupled with their knowledge in SEO will help us see the complete picture and be able to set up digital marketing, sales funnels, marketing tools, attribution models, tracking, and web plugins needed to streamline and optimize your digital marketing operations.

  • We have rich experience in digital marketing as a consultant and growth marketer on your team for an affordable cost which will give value.
  • Our planning and execution are always fixated on growth, lead generation and sales boost for our clients.
  • Prioritizing digital marketing tactics and activities that bring about the biggest growth opportunities are what we adopt in Brand Cardinal.
  • Employ a market-driven approach, aligning digital assets with target requirements
  • WordPress and other proven platforms too are used to maximize flexibility and responsiveness
  • Digital marketing consultants are trained in Google Ads, Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools
  • Complete digital marketing consultant expertise, from strategy development through implementation and tracking
  • When we decide to launch short-term tactics, it will deliver beautiful results within the first 1-3 months of our engagement.
  • Knowing that long-term tactics are focused on improving your brand awareness, lead generation from organic traffic to your website which later means more business clients, growing trust in your brand, and establishing yourself as an authority in your industry over 1-3 years will achieve that.
  • We gladly and with great enthusiasm help, you manage your marketing operations, set up and constitute tools and platforms, and employ marketing team members to scale your company.
  • Our services are fully customizable and tamed towards your digital marketing needs which we include strategies and tactics that will help you grow at a rapid rate.

Our understanding:

Our team understands that not all digital marketing consultants are created the same, and at Brand Cardinal, we offer a specified digital marketing service that is focused on conversion optimization and digital strategy. Brand Cardinal as proficient digital marketing consultants we understand how to aid our client to grow their business and tailor marketing solutions that fix clear objectives so you can achieve your goals earlier and faster.

Our digital marketing consultants magnificently create clear and actionable digital marketing strategies that improve your online presence and boost your website’s performance giving increased traffic. Brand Cardinal as an authority in the field of digital marketing who offers full-service digital marketing, we offer a complete solution for clients looking to grow their business online. We’re results-oriented marketing consultants with great zeal for growing your business and helping you generate conversions that lead to sales.

Specialising in a wide range of digital marketing including website development, online marketing, SEO, SMM, SEM and digital strategy, your Lagos Nigeria based digital marketing consultant who is ever ready to provide the marketing solution you need to grow your business online and move your business to the next level.

Brand Cardinal as Result-Driven Digital Marketing Company in Lagos Nigeria

We provide honest, direct, creative and understandable marketing digital insight while taking a strategic view of the connection your business has with digital then leveraging on that to deliver a Sustainable, measurable, accurate, realistic and timely digital marketing solution.

Who do we work with?

We are a team of experienced digital marketing consultancy agency with a wide range of sectors and we have services geared to brace businesses looking to improve their digital competence and also specific earnest global market through digital services. We are indeed happy working with start-ups and SMEs through to multi-nationals. There is sufficient learning to be applied between sectors and from large to smaller brands.

Our Promise

We harbour no secret for our success over the years, it is simply that we listen passionately as we give attention to details. We learn everything we can about the competitive space you occupy and with that, we can assure you a perfect result with a guarantee of value. Once we understand your objectives, we make recommendations and share insights which we have gained from working with others in the same industry and then help you implement solutions that uniquely suitable to your business.

What you stand to gain when you work with us

  • Profound customer insight, together with customer personal journey maps and touchpoints as the foundation for digital marketing strategy development
  • Improved user experience, comprising high-quality website design, SEO, SMO and web development services.
  • Precise digital marketing strategy and a plan driving customer gaining and maintenance
  • Fully incorporated digital assets, including CMS, email marketing, CRM and tracking and analytics

 Marketing Consulting advisory in a Change environment

The dynamics of the market is changing, so are behaviours, customer journey mapping, tracking and response. You need a Marketing Consulting firm that comes to the table with knowledge, skills, industry experience and tested methodology to help you grow and adapt to the changing business environment. Our Digital Marketing Consultants offer the much needed to advise during this time. Put your marketing challenge in capable hands and enjoy peace of mind.

Our Digital Marketing Consulting offerings

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Digital Marketing Services

SEM – Search Engine Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Content Strategy & Development

Email Marketing Services

Graphic Design – Logo Development, Branding and Print Design

Virtual Assistants

Website Development

Build Your Website

Digital Marketing Consultant

Customer Persona & Journey Maps

Online PR

Customer Persona & Journey Maps

Google Analytics & Conversion

Native Advertising

Affiliate Marketing

Events/Seminar Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Knowing that SEO ensures top ranking of your website/portal especially when we use awesome techniques. SEO techniques add to the reliability of your brand and also, it expands your user base on your platform. Search Engine Optimization is an integral part of digital marketing is achieved through different algorithms, thumb rules and guidelines. SEO ranking can be improved with professional help only better rendered by Brand Cardinal. Learn more


Social Media Marketing

Social media as an impressive tool to gain so much from digital marketing. Since social media has been a mandatory facet of our life, its application as a digital marketing funnel is an excellent idea to accelerate your business and brand

Social Media Marketing: Social media as an impressive tool to gain so much from digital marketing. It is a very important digital marketing channel, where social media is used to promote your brand and business because of the number of users. Since social media has been a mandatory facet of our life, its application as a digital marketing funnel is an excellent idea to accelerate your business and brand

Content Marketing 

Content marketing is a very effective, eye-catching, relevant and valuable content to appeal to the targeted audience and in due course to prompt the customers’ action. Brilliant and creative content can generate a lot of traffic and also help the website to rank high on search engines. Clear, compelling content drives customer engagement. It is the fuel that powers the digital marketing engine.

This can take several forms which include text, images, videos, graphics, etc. Content marketing requires professional help to deliver the best results. Content management is recognized as the science and art for these digital marketing and underlying functionalities


Affiliate Marketing

Another aspect of digital marketing that we offer as service is affiliate marketing which is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.


Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click has been a very active model of digital marketing and search engine optimization. Google Ads the most popular form of PPC and it is recommended extensively for the digital marketing campaign. PPC is the best digital marketing options, as long as your digital marketing campaign is well-thought-out and the target audience is clear


Native Advertising

Native advertising is a form of digital marketing where the ad experience follows the ordinary and native form and function of the user experience in which it is placed that is it is directed towards the resident of a particular region. This is an advert that sounds more engaging and it can help get sincere customers relevant to your product offer. Why not think of Brand Cardinal today to handle this service for you.


Email Marketing

This is one of the traditional and common approaches to digital marketing, it is of course very popular when digital marketing is concerned. Email is an essential routine of our lives and this triggers email marketing as an effective marketing channel. Email remains the part of our days for the last few decades despite the gender, age is the essence of email marketing as a great marketing platform. Email marketing can drive an effective digital marketing strategy for you


Inbound Marketing

It is the form of pull marketing strategy where potential customers are targeted rather than pushing a brand. Inbound marketing uses a mix of digital marketing channels for better conversion rate and lead generation. It has a fundamental difference with outbound marketing where offerings are pushed to the audience.


If you need a digital marketing company in Lagos Nigeria, you can get in touch with us here 

Online PR

When we talk about digital marketing, online PR is of importance as it is a viable way to gain more traction in any business environment with the help of a website. This requires an array of multiple facets including website, blogs – professional and personal, social media updates, web searches, awards, event, exhibitions, columnists and writers, etc. techniques required offline modes, but with technological advancements, it has transformed a lot.

Digital Marketing Company in Lagos Nigeria

Digital Marketing Strategy

At Brand Cardinal, we also help clients strategize and implement digital marketing moves which can change their transaction story in no time. As this is one of the best interactive marketing which can be fully integrated into the course of putting digital marketing in place. We help create, manage and improve digital marketing programs. Using deep customer insight into web development to conversion tracking, Brand Cardinal knows how to plan and align all digital assets to improve business performance.

Digital Marketing Company in Lagos Nigeria

Customer Persona & Journey Maps

Digital Marketing which is always an interesting idea and steps to make use of when business success is paramount. Getting the right people with the right message is what Brand Cardinal Digital Marketing is known for as we help develop and align personas, journey maps and touchpoints for better digital marketing.


Digital Marketing Company in Lagos Nigeria

Website Design & Development

Having a smart and reliable website to help cater for the client both locally and globally is of importance as it is the hub of your digital strategy, your website must be of high quality, open and responsive which means the ability to be used on any gadget. It should have a friendly and easy-to-use interface and we lose the hard coding in favour of flexibility use for website visitors. We help design, develop and deploy these sites when contracted to us.

Digital Marketing Company in Lagos Nigeria

Google Analytics & Conversion

Looking to boost sales, find users or track conversions? Find the answers you need to manage and continually optimize online marketing. We fine-tune digital marketing through the use of Google Analytics which can provide you with affluence of data and information. The key is turning it into insights to continually improve your Digital Marketing as a strategy deploy to outsmart other competitors.

Marketing Consulting advisory in a Change environment

The dynamics of the market is changing, so are behaviours, customer journey mapping, tracking and response. You need a Marketing Consulting firm that comes to the table with knowledge, skills, industry experience and tested methodology to help you grow and adapt to the changing business environment. Our Digital Marketing Consultants offer the much needed to advise during this time. Put your marketing challenge in capable hands and enjoy peace of mind.

Digital marketing consultancy services

For a quick confidential discussion on any aspect of your digital marketing requirements, SEO, Content Writing, Web Design, Email Marketing etc, you can book us for an appointment.

We assure you learning time while we consult with you on your project. At Brand Cardinal, we enjoy working with you to improve the results you have. We also support you with bespoke digital marketing training in-house or online.

Our training is interactive and positions you to be on the go. We pack our training so much that you are assured of doing it like the Pro.

Industry experience

Our experts have worked with organizations that spread across major sectors in the Nigerian economy and we declare that we will be too happy to work with you.  Whether you are a Start-up, established, local, multinational, we are glad to offer our service.

To learn more about how we can help you with your Digital Marketing needs, please contact us on 08023200801, 08075765799 or Email: or send your brief here.

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