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We are a Nigeria branding Company in Lagos  that lay much emphasis at the brands, helping them learn about their customers, their behavior, outlining what makes their brand unique, and communicating it using powerful ways which helps create deep and lasting networks that drive business results. While flawlessly united in practice, we group our services into three categories: Insight, Strategy, and Design. We are always keen to driving value further than predictable measures. As a growing branding company deeply rooted in numerous industries, we’ve helped clients for many years to capture marketplace opportunities and inaugurate unrelenting differentiation through creative branding caption, imaginative design, comprehensive brand strategy and insightful market research.

From brand strategies and advertising campaigns to digital tactics and marketing plans, our solutions are guided by clients targeted audience research and insights, driven by utmost creativity, and developed in close collaboration with our partners. It is our understanding that getting the right content to the accurate audience will do more good to the company/business, we can help you build connections and create lasting change. Brand Cardinal Branding agency will leverage brand intelligence to develop meaningful content and engage people with doable brand experiences that triggers human connection. Turning stories into conversations, we breed impressions into relationships and campaigns into actionable results. We help you acquire and engage new customers through branding, web design and online advertising.

Brand Cardinal as the leading Nigeria Branding Company don’t make anything up as we work with facts and analyse data made available to us. We don’t mind whether you are a company that is well-established or a brand-new start up, the reality remains that you’re bringing something great to the world. Engage us to help reveal your great idea and build your business through a seamless storm of smart strategy and beautiful design. Branding is what makes you trust a company you’ve never even worked with or been to but prefer to buy from. Branding must be done right that is why engaging Brand Cardinal to work for you is crucial because we have the expertise to help build that great brand you desire. Talking about Brand Experience report, which is now becoming popular among companies that have worked with Brand Cardinal as a leading branding company. An industry-wide shift in how best to humanize brands. By leveraging the latest thinking in social science and behaviorist theories, we did an in-depth investigation into how consumers form emotional connections with brands, validating the importance of hundreds of emotional motivators in driving consumer behavior

Your brand has to fit your business goals, vision and values in order to be authentic, clearly understood and valued in your marketplace. We also understand that brand has to align with your company colour, font, and it is even a representation of a company at all time. To be distinctive and have impact your brand creative comes after defining your brand strategy to meet clearly understood audience needs. We work with you to fully define your brand in every dimension, using our well proven strategic branding methodology. Humanizing Brands, Moving People is core to who Brand Cardinal is. It is how we partner with our clients, shoulder-to-shoulder, to approach our work in unique and human ways. It is how each brand and the experience we cultivate with our clients which can be more centered on human connection.

We are authority in this field of branding if you intend branding your vehicles, office or even your exhibition booth, our exceptional branding professionals can come handy. Perhaps, you need to reach out to your clients, may be through reward and recognition programs, sales promotions, or incentive programs, we can help provide the perfect souvenirs ranging promotional gifts to branded t-shirt and corporate gift bags, By the left is a list of services we offer to brand and promote your company.

As the Best Branding Company in Nigeria,we boast of a team with diverse competencies –Graphic Artist, Photographers, Designers, Content Writers, Project Managers, Marketing Communication Experts, Mass Communication Experts, Web Designers, Social Media Buffs, Online Marketing Experts, and Search Engine Marketing & Search Engine Optimization Experts. Our Signage Experts, Printers, Advert Copywriters and Finishers combine to give our customers the best of results.
Brand Creation requires a multiplicity of talents which work harmoniously to give our clients the leverage to showcase its potentials to its target

Summary of our Branding  methodology include holding brand workshops to enable us review the current market positioning of the brand, the target market, the buying-decision influences, strength and internal perceptions. We also evaluate the competition brand positioning, brand perception vide questionnaire, email, phone, and one on-one meetings


We put more effort on delivering branding which has positive impact and also increase ROI. BRAND PROMISE 

We guarantee that your company brands accomplish the best in-line with your values & ambitions


Our branding strategy is very unique as it integrates a mix of strategic thinking and design creativity to meet your branding aspiration.


Concentrated and effective branding is what we are known for and that which resonates with your audiences


Our branding company establishes the baseline for steady brand application across platforms for a dependable growth in the market.


To be the company that best understands and satisfies the branding need of the people, delivering impeccable services and offering greater value always.


Our mission is to enable economic growth through purposeful branding solutions and web development, we aim to provide solutions that support business with a unique and versatile brand identity.



We make sure all we engage in starts with comprehensive research and discovery. We gather market data, trends, evaluate the competitive landscape and immerse ourselves in the client’s business to make smart brand decisions.


From our knowledge of branding, the foundation of every successful engagement has been detailed strategic plan. We work in partnership with our clients to understand what they desire, then we formulate a super plan to attack and set standard and track the results.


Leveraging on creativity, we create industry best standard for your branding need. We dominate humanize brands, create with intent and connect with audiences. By finding the true essence of a company, it allows us to visualize and communicate “why” your brand matters to your customers.


When we are ready to engage, we put in best measure to aim at the best. Using a variety of media, content and marketing tactics in our product and identity branding, we focus on engaging people where they interact and live. Always looking for ways to increase brand awareness, build relationships and drive sales.


When our campaign is completed, we devote time accepting the results. We look at the metrics, find key insights and implement adjustments to make informed marketing decisions on future brand initiatives.


Our delighted customers means we’re doing something right. We appreciate the feedbacks from our ever satisfied customers as we celebrate this as our achievement.

Our Core Values

  • Deliver value that builds our clients’ businesses beyond expectation.
  • Bring the nuances of our clients’ brands to life.
  • Uncomplicate the complicated.
  • Create clear and simple solutions.
  • Bring respect, appreciation and being heard to all.
  • Provide sound honest advice.
  • Collaborate and work as a team.
  • Foster unprecedented development of people.

Why Choose us?


Our branding company embraces ideas and are curious. We use our skills and professionalism to analyse and insight to uncover opportunity.


We make our approaches to branding very flexible and adaptable offering value through opinions, ideas, skills and perspectives.


We nurture positivity and absolute honesty. We value truth and ideas that create empathy, benefit and advocacy for uniqueness.


We are rare, imaginative, risk taker and value creator. We blend initiative and risks in order to create better results.


Can you just imagine our branding company taking your vision and translating this into a design that your customers can interact with and remember always especially when real business transactions matters. This is what branding can do for your business mostly when it is done with Brand Cardinal. We developed our suite of service to provide your brand with a consistent presence which helps increase visibility among your customers. Your brand will be easily identifiable across all platforms, differentiating your business from the competition.

As a Branding Company, our professional branding strategies are formulated by our top notch branding experts who will help focus your efforts on visual branding and social media visibility, establishing a strong and sustainable brand. From scheduling content to creating professional assets, our toolbox simplifies your long-term business goals and day to day tasks. We are proud to be made up of creative strategists, designers and writers who live and breathe our core values.

Our Branding solution:

  • We defines and develops your brand in a way to embrace brand uniqueness
  • We strategically positions and set your brand for revenue growth and profitability
  • We enhances brand communication with the intended audience.
  • We manage, nurture and protects your brand seeing it to the top

Here are a few strategic steps we take in creating that unique brand:

  • We generate befitting brand name for your business
  • We give it an identity to be reckoned with in your industry
  • Our branding professionals will help position your brand for optimum visibility
  • We go that extra length to define what your brand is made up of
  • Identify who your brand appeals to and those who desires your brand.

Our Smart Branding Process

Step 1 – Construction of Strategy for Your Brand

We don’t joke with this step as it is very important. This help sets the foundation for everything else we are going to be doing. At first, we take necessary moves to understand your business, your goals, your unique selling proposition, and your target audience. We then create or improve on your brand messaging to clients and the world at large.

Step 2 – Design of your Brand Identity

Moving to the next step, we begin to work on the company logo. This works on what we’ve accomplished in the first step, we explore numerous concepts, colours and brand archetype to create brand greatness for your brand identity. We share these with your company brand, and work together with you to ensure you are perfectly satisfied with our job.

Step 3 – Collateral Design

After the completion of step 2 and you are pleased with your logo, we begin work on all the additional stationery or collateral you need to further empower your brand.

The collateral design will include business cards, letterhead, roll-up banners, flyers, invoices/receipts, envelopes, icons, social media covers, email signature, email templates, etc. basically everything that involves your new brand identity. All these will sell the brand and give it boost in all ramification.

Step 4 – Brand Guideline Development

Finally, we craft your brand guidelines as an important document that contains an analysis of the brand identity, the fonts used, and the color codes used by the company.

Your brand guidelines document will also encompass instructions on how to use your logo.

We are available for:

Brand identity design for a new business

If you are going to work on your branding, you might as well do it right. At Brand Cardinal, branding is what we do always and we are always enthusiastic to building brand identity and will help with your brand messaging, logo, collateral and guidelines. We can also help with the design of your website.

Rebranding an existing business

Call on us for strategic rebranding especially when there is need for a new direction regarding your company. When your brand identity is outdated and uninspiring we can be of help to re-engineer your business. Rebranding is a big (and sometimes complicated) move, but we will assist you to navigate this effortlessly.

Design of additional brand stationary and assets.

We make every element of your brand work together to create the right experience. Let’s work together to create additional brand assets such as business cards, letterheads, packaging, social media banners, email templates, and much more.

Brand strategy and guideline development

Your brand goes beyond logo, font and colours. It involves your messaging, your voice, your tone, and your culture. It also needs to be consistent. Through clearly defined brand guidelines, we will help you ensure that your brand is used the right way every time.

 Our Strategic solutions:

Visual identity design

Brand identity is the collection of all elements that a company creates to portray the right image to its consumer. Brand Cardinal is among the top brand and identity design consulting firms providing excellent services to companies all over the world.

Nigeria Branding Company

Brand strategy development and management

We let you step into the market in style with your homework fully done through our brand strategy development. For assured success, we guarantee that you will get massive view of the market before entering and entering the market with incredible awareness. Be it knowing yourself or the competition, master it all with us. Our brand development service experts help you in creating a unique positioning by using various tried & tested strategies, giving you that extra edge over your competition.

Digital Billboard Advertising

Digital billboard as a relatively new option in the outdoor media market, electronic billboards tap into an audience already well-versed at processing billboard advertising. However, because your ad is in constant rotation on a digital billboard, it’s important to have the right design which will stand out enough to leave a lasting impression

Exhibition Stands

In an industry as lucrative as exhibition stand design, it can be difficult to find trustworthy exhibition stand companies that have lasted long enough to have the expertise needed to create an exhibition stand design that can portray your brand in an attractive manner with precision. Brand Cardinal remain first name when searching for custom exhibition stand design, modern, bespoke, intelligent exhibition design solutions in Lagos Nigeria and beyond

Our Creative solutions:

Website development

Brand Cardinal offers a variety of website design and development services, from creating mobile web development solutions and responsive website designs, to building custom e-commerce and intranet experiences using the latest and proven web technologies. Get a Custom Site Optimized for SEO and Mobile highly responsive. Brand Cardinal is a leading web design agency with an award-winning design team that creates innovative, effective websites that capture your brand, improve your conversion rates, and maximize your revenue to help grow your business and achieve your goals.



Brand Cardinal as one of the topmost branding company in Nigeria offers a very wide range of film and video production services for corporate, commercial, and entertainment clients.

We specialize in full-service video production, we are very keen to nurturing a client’s initial idea through every stage of development and production to final delivery

               Lagos Branding Company

Folder Design

The right packaging can mean the difference between clients engaging with your marketing collateral and passing it right over to another client as a satisfied client. With the help of Brand Cardinal talented designers, you can grab your audience’s attention by presenting your materials in professionally designed folders for meetings, conference, seminar or even business pitching


Multimedia presentation

Multimedia presentations have become a standard in showing information in business discussions as well as educational environments or even personal showings. Multimedia is the blending of media to share brand success story or message in a controlled way. Our multimedia presentation service also covers business, corporate, educational and training.

Nigeria Branding Company







Vehicle Branding

We offer customized vehicle wraps that can be as simple as just a logo and your company’s information, or as bold as wrapping your entire vehicle in an unusual pattern to serve as a bold marketing tool while you are on the road. Because of their unorthodox nature, custom car wraps encourage a sense of creativity and playfulness in their use

Market Research

Market Research help kick starts all main marketing, branding, advertising and creative service projects with a detailed consultation process. This phase might include research or a Start Me UP workshop. It’s the beginning of any good and successful marketing plan.


Brand Cardinal as one of the topmost branding company in Nigeria offers a very wide range of film and video production services for corporate, commercial, and entertainment clients.

We specialize in full-service video production, we are very keen to nurturing a client’s initial idea through every stage of development and production to final delivery


Our photography services team are of professional photographers who can add value to your website with high-resolution photos, corporate event photography and product photography. Brand Cardinal Photography Services includes, Corporate Headshot, Corporate portraits, Corporate events, Facility Photography and business promotional videos. We are expert in the production of quality Photography and Videography services for business and individuals.

If you really desire an insightful and impactful market, Photography and videos are a valuable and powerful digital and branding marketing tools and way to sell your brand story


The main purpose of signage is to communicate your brand position and worth to the people. The signage is to persuade people who comes across it by giving them a beautiful idea of who you are and what you do. Beyond fabrication and manufacturing of signage, Brand Cardinal provides consulting services to companies on branding matters.  We take the time to understand your business before creating the right sign for your space.

Graphic design and print

We at Brand Cardinal takes your brand and breathe life into it, while focusing on its core values and individual elements to create visually inspiring graphic design and printing. We design flyers, brochures, business cards, magazines, etc. and make use of high quality printing to deliver the designs. Our in-house team of designers are well experienced and creative



A trademark provides protection to the owner of the mark by ensuring the exclusive right to use it to identify goods or services, or to authorize another to use it in return for payment. We can assist you in registering your trademark which can be a name, logo, slogan, domain name, shape, colour or sound with the Commercial Law department, Ministry of Trade and Investment in Nigeria as a way to legally protect your brand making it unique always.

We develop our Brand Strategy Literature for approval. We create several designs, messages, logos, colour schemes, imagery, and photography and so on. Once the literature is approve we proceed to implementation.
We implement the brand identity, message and ensure that there is consistency.
Breathe life into your brand today, get in touch for further consultation. Call Matthew on 08023200801, 08075765799 or Email: or send your brief here.

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